Media Relations

Information for representatives of the media

Media Relations is the information hub for representatives of the media.

We respond to media inquiries, gladly put journalists in contact with experts from a wide range of different academic fields and post media releases with information about research results and topics of current interest at the University of Bern.

Media inquiries

We kindly ask that you send media inquiries in writing to In your e-mail, please indicate

  • by when you need an answer at the latest
  • for which broadcasting medium or publication the article is intended
  • if you are planning an interview, whether this is to be conducted in writing, by phone, via Zoom or in front of a camera
  • whether you want to request a specific expert as your source

Approval to film

If you want to shoot any film footage in the buildings and rooms of the University of Bern, we ask that you please send your inquiry to In your e-mail, please indicate

  • when you want to film
  • the desired location
  • the number of people in the film crew
  • whether you need a parking space

The following general rules apply:   

  • Filming must not interfere with operations.
  • The camera crew is expected to exercise utmost restraint.
  • Teaching and examinations take priority at all times.
  • University employees and students on site must be informed of the project on request.
  • Shots/recordings of individuals are allowed only with the express approval of the person in question.
  • The shots/recordings may be used exclusively for the project specified.

For members of the University

Researchers and other members of the University are often contacted by representatives of the media who are seeking to gather information about a specific issue or to ask about an interview. Media Relations helps members of the University of Bern deal with the media. You can find more information about this on Uni Intern (page only available in German at Dienstleistungen - Kommunikation und Marketing - Medienarbeit) (accessible only from the University’s network).

Media Relations Team